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The Behavioral Research Institute of Cleveland, Tennessee

For 2012 is now offering:

Parent Stress Training Classes (PST) Classes are provided to all interested parents in Bradley/Polk and McMinn/Meigs Counties. Residents of Rhea County are able to attend classes held in the sites of Bradley and McMinn counties. These classes teach non-violent parenting techniques as outlined in Systematic Training for Effective Parenting (STEP). Stress management techniques are also taught. There is no fee for these services as they are provided at the Dept of Children’s Services Offices, the offices of BRI, various schools, Head Start Centers, and a battered women’s shelter. Referrals come from DCS, courts, and self-referral.

Behavioral Research Institute
2292 Chambliss Ave. NW Suite C-1
Cleveland Professional Bldg.
Cleveland, TN 37312