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This video features the work of Barbara Turner, PhD in her efforts to train and educate professionals on Sandplay Therapy.

Barbara Turner began her study of Jungian sandplay therapy with the founder of the method, Dora M. Kalff, in Switzerland in 1988. Her interests and explorations of sandplay continue to this day. Dr. Turner has done extensive research into the theory and healing process of sandplay. She focused her doctoral studies on the sandplay method, writing her dissertation on methods of understanding sandplay process. Dr. Turner was instrumental in returning the classic books in sandplay to print, and is the author of what is considered by some to be the authoritative text on Jungian sandplay, The Handbook of Sandplay Therapy. She teaches sandplay & play therapy to mental health clinicians internationally, serves as consultant to practicing sandplay & play therapists, and never tires of the wonders of this amazing healing tool.

She teaches the theory and principles of Jungian sandplay therapy online to clinicians through the Temenos Press Learning Center and in venues around the world. Dr. Turner is also on the faculty of the the Academy of Play and Child Psychotherapy where she teaches Foundations & Theory of Sandplay.